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Create a new Booktrack
How do I add a soundtrack to my eBook?
Creating a Booktrack is fun and easy, simply use the Studio Platform to create your own Booktrack soundtrack for your eBook or hire one of our industry leading Sound Engineers to produce a soundtrack for you.
How much does it cost to produce a Booktrack?
You have two options to create your own Booktrack. You can use the Booktrack Studio Platform, choose from a selection of over 20,000 free-to-use music and ambient audio tracks, to create your own Booktrack work for FREE.

Or, you can work with a Booktrack Sound Engineer, to define the creative process and create a unique original soundtrack, designed to enhance your eBook based on your creative direction.

The average cost of this is about $1000 per book or 1.8 cents (USD) per word.
If I use the Booktrack Sound Studios to create my Booktrack for me what sort of approval process is there?
Booktrack provides multiple points of engagement in the production process to ensure that you love your Soundtrack — and that it aligns to your creative vision.
Production Approval And Payments Process

Step One:

Author/Publisher submits a title(s) for production consideration, including all materials to be incorporated into Booktrack.

Step Two:

Author/Publisher is provided with a production quote for the Booktrack production.

Step Three:

Author/Publisher provides written approval to allow production to begin and pays 50% of quoted production cost (non-refundable).

Step Four:

Titles are reviewed by a Booktrack Production Manager and distributed to one of our Booktrack Production Studios.

Step Five:

The following is a schedule of the approval stages, in which the Publisher has five working days to provide feedback. All feedback must be provided in writing and if no feedback received then it is assumed that approval to proceed has been given:

  • 1st Approval: Creative Brief
  • 2nd Approval: 1st Chapter of Booktrack
  • Final Approval: Complete Booktrack
  • 100% Payment: Author/Publisher pays the remaining 50% of quoted production cost
  • Title transferred to Publisher Booktrack account and submitted to the Booktrack store for sale

Payment Process:
Payment forms include PayPal, Stripe, Credit Card
How long does it take to produce a Booktrack?
On average it is 4 week collaborative process dependent on the story length.

Click here to create and collaborate with a Booktrack Sound Engineer


Publish Booktrack
Who owns my Booktrack?
You own your eBook, and Booktrack owns the exclusive rights to sell your Booktrack.
What will you need from me?
For Booktrack to produce and sell your eBook we will need your creative for the Jacket Cover, the eBook, any Audio Files (with permissions) you would like to include in your Soundtrack, and general metadata about the title.
What about Metadata?
Metadata includes all of the information about a book, Title, Author, Pub Date, Subject Category, Price, etc. We accept ONIX or can provide you with an excel template to fill out.


Start selling your Booktrack
What are the Terms?
Booktrack pays an industry standard of 70% for the eBook and an additional 30% for the Soundtrack. The user/reader will only see one price when purchasing the Booktrack, though the two price points added determine the split of royalties.
Am I able to set the price of my Booktrack?
Yes, Booktrack lets our authors set the price of both their eBook and Soundtrack with three considerations:
  • Although you set your Soundtrack price, Booktrack does require a minimum Soundtrack price:
    • $0.99 USD for eBooks priced $0.99 USD and lower
    • $1.99 USD for eBooks priced $1.00 - $4.99 USD
    • $2.99 USD for eBooks priced $5.00 USD and higher
  • The eBook Price you provide us must align with other eBook retail channels
Are there Marketing and Sales tools to help me sell my eBook?
Once you have published your eBook, you have access to over 2 million engaged members of the Booktrack community. Booktrack offers marketing tools, such as the new Booktrack Embed feature, which lets you embed a full-featured Booktrack title, complete with soundtrack, into any website — just like dropping in a YouTube video.

Now you can showcase your Booktrack on your own website and through social channels and help your fans to experience your stories in a new, immersive way.
What Currency does Booktrack sell in?
You set your price in USD and Booktrack will use this information to sell in other countries currencies as required.
When do I get paid?
You get paid 45 days after the end of each calendar month from which a sale has transpired, and there is a minimum payment threshold of $100 USD to release payment.
What kind of reporting will I receive?
With each Payment sent, Booktrack will send a corresponding Sales report which will be outlined - By Date, Title, Units Sold, eBook Royalty, and Soundtrack Royalty.
Who pays the taxes?
Booktrack pays the applicable Sales Tax in the countries where we sell your eBook. You pay your income taxes.

Get Started

Start selling your Booktrack
Okay, this all sounds great, how do I get started?
We suggest you check out the Booktrack Studio if you are considering making your own Booktrack.

If you are ready to have Booktrack produce your Soundtrack, click here.                                                                                          
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