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Never Lose Your Page Again

Booktrack lets you read from one device to the next and automatically picks up from the page you were last reading without missing a beat or a word. You can seamlessly read between any smartphone, tablet, or computer just by logging in to your account or app.

So what are you waiting for? Escape the hustle of daily life with Booktrack’s immersive reading experience. Our movie-style soundtracks sync with your reading pace, and transport you into the heart of the story like never before. With thousands of titles in all categories we have something for everyone, from the romance lover to horror aficionado and all else in between.

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Booktrack Studio

Booktrack Studio is an easy-to-use cloud-based creation service that allows you to load your story into Booktrack’s editor and embed music and ambient audio that will play in sync with your story.

Booktrack Studio is free to anyone (not just publishers) and empowers people to create, publish, and share their stories.

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Browser Compatabilty

You can browse the Booktrack library on any browser, however reading and Booktrack Studio functionality is not compatible with Internet Explorer.

So which browsers should I use?

The table below shows how you can enjoy the future of reading with Booktrack!

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